Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist


Makeover , why and for who?

  • You want to look and feel your best.
  • You have a corporate function to attend.
  • You have an important engagement yet lack confidence in yourself.
  • You want to succeed at work.
  • You want to maximize your sex appeal.
  • Your wardrobe no longer suits you or you want to update your style
  • You want to learn secrets on how to dress slimmer.
  • You want to feel beautiful and feminine.
  • You want to change the image you project.

There are times in life when we want or need a change with how we look yet don't know how or where to start.  Even small changes can transform our lives.

You're Image Conseiller

Miri Kajari is a Stylist and Image Consultant graduate based in Lausanne, Switzerland who regularly collaborates with fashion magazines.  Miri will guide you towards a complete image makeover: including professional advice on a fresh stylish wardrobe, natural looking makeup, personal custom colors and a hairstyle that best compliments you, all while respecting your personality, goals and expectations.


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Makeover, How?

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Makeover, why?

Some numbers about relooking.

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