Makeover - Color Analysis

Makeover - Color Analysis - For whom and why?

Color is just like food for the mind
First stage of your relooking: analysis of colors and seasons
During this analysis you are invited to discover how to erase traces of tiredness and to illuminate your complexion naturally, by respecting your personal colors. We recommend this service from 30 years and up, because before we naturally look good, which compensates for errors of taste and colors. With the years, your face collects wrinkles and shadows and tiredness is more visible.

The color analysis - How ?

Knowing the colors which make you shine is an essential stage of your relooking. To determine your personal colors, in this case the color of your hair and that of clothes worn near the face, we will begin by defining which season you belong to. The four seasons allow us then to categorize your colors. By controlling hot and cold, lively and matt colors, colored harmony will help you to avoid any error of style and to reconcile at best your face and your silhouette.
During this analysis we will also be able to define your makeup colors.
Length 2 hours
Rate: CHF 240.-
Includes: your card of personal colors.


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