Makover man

The makeover man for whom and why?

A unique concept in Lusanne Switzerland, Makeovers fore Man's

  • Do you want to relate you're look to your personality and your occupation?
  • You have not a personal style.
  • Your relationships with women are winding and difficult?
  • You find that others do not notice you and you suffer? You want to be seen!
  • You have passed through difficult times and you want a way out of this bad patch
  • You are too thin? You have too many curves?
  • Or simply you want to feel attractive and masculine
  • Give yourself a treat with or without reason

Your image consultant is ready to help you get started! Miri will guide you to the appropriate method for your well-being.

The makeover man how?

  • Color analysis - Highlighting and giving you good looks and a fresh complexion. Info
  • Body analysis - We determine your personal style optimize for your shape. info
  • Hair analysis -We find the right cut and the perfect color . info
  • Personal Shopper - Your image consultant will accompany you during your shopping info

You can choose one of these recess or analysis, but the formula most appreciated by our customers is the complete makeover